Amiibo Cards – Top 10 most expensive Amiibo tickets.

Amiibo Cards

Games allow the usage of Amiibo cards to bring individual animals into your village. Approximately of them are in high demand and can cost a lot.

Top 10 most expensive Amiibo tickets sorted by price

10 Coco – $ 42 to $ 74

  • Coco is technically a rabbit, but due to its unique and somewhat scary design, it has been at the heart of Animal Crossing theories since the first game. Its design is based on giroids.
  • Its design is quite popular and sells for between $ 42 and $ 74 in online stores.

9 Fang – $ 39 to $ 79

  • Fang is a grumpy wolf who has participated in all Animal Crossing games except Wild World.
  • Fans usually want wolves, and Fang is famous mainly because of nostalgia, as he has been in many games.
  • It is slightly more expensive than Coco and costs between $ 39 and $ 79 online.

8 Punchy – 39 to 79 USD

  • Cats are also one of Animal Crossing’s most coveted players. One of these cats is Punchy, a lazy villager.
  • He has also appeared in all games except Animal Forest. He also appeared on the cover of the original Animal Crossing for Gamecube.
  • Punchy fans would love to because his face always seems to be preparing something. Like Fang, his Amiibo card costs between $ 39 and $ 79 in online stores.

7 Apollo – $ 40 to $ 84

  • Apollo is a grumpy eagle and is a classic. He was at every race and even had a supporting role in the animated film Animal Crossing.
  • Extra reason for its popularity is that it seems to be inspired by the national bird of the United States. His birthday is July 4, Independence Day.
  • It costs slightly more than Fang and Punchy, between $ 40 and $ 84.

6 Lolly – $ 72 to $ 84

  • Lolly is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villagers out there. It is a familiar gray cat that has only appeared in four games Animal Crossing, Animal Forest e +, City Folk, Also New Leaf, and New Horizons.
  • Its price range is slightly higher than Apollo and ranges between $ 72 and $ 84.

5 Marina – $ 78 to $ 84

  • So far, there have been only three octopus villagers, so players are highly desirable. Marina is the only female octopus, and she is beautiful.
  • She has seemed in most of the games in the main series and shares her name with a character after the Splatoon series, so game fans will love to have her in their cities. It costs between $ 78 and $ 84 online.

4 Zucker – $ 84 to $ 94

  • Zucker is another of the 3 octopus villagers. Nonetheless, he seems to be a bit more popular than Marina.
  • This is probably because it is also food-based. Reminiscent of a Japanese appetizer, takoyaki. Villagers like him and meringue are food-based, players are in high demand.
  • Its price is currently in online stores between $ 84 and $ 94.

3 Meringue – $ 89 to $ 124

  • Speaking of food-based villagers, the Meringue Amiibo map is also quite expensive. She is a villager of rhinoceros, which also resembles strawberry cakes in shape.
  • It is a villager’s dream for anyone who has a sweet tooth.
  • Many players must also have sweet tooths, as a Merengue ticket costs between $ 89 and $ 124.

2 Lucky – $ 97 to $ 119

  • P dogs are intended for lovely villagers, and especially Lucky is unique. It’s mummified! In addition to this, great detail has been in every game so far.
  • This means that for many players, it is memorable and nostalgic. It is also the midpoint of many fan theories. 1 is that it is an undead version of another dog village called Walker.
  • Either way, Fortunate is very interesting and is so sought after by fans. His Amiibo card prices between $ 97 and $ 119.

1st Marshal – $ 129 to $ 149

  • Given its price, Marshal seems to be the most desirable villager to the players. It is a cute squirrel that looks like white mallow that is continually frowning.
  • Due to its design, many players replace it with a cold villager.
  • He hasn’t been to many games, appearing only in New Leaf, Pocket Camp, and New Horizons. Regardless, it has been at the peak of popularity since it first appeared.
  • With all this in mind, it is the best seller. Your card in online stores costs between 129 and 149 USD. So if you happen to have it, have a very lucky one.

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