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5 trending fintech blog ideas

5 trending fintech blog ideas

The industry is said to have an annual growth rate of 25 percent and is moving quickly.

That is, one has to keep oneself updated if he/she wants to make a career out of it.

Here are 5 trending fintech blog ideas you must know about:


It is a platform is a Canadian media and news firm that creates and curates visual content focused on what is trending in today’s date. It was founded in 2011 by jeff Desjardins in British Columbia, Canada. They have published various articles on market activity, deficiency of working capital for junior mining companies, bitcoin history, medical regulations of marijuana in Canada, CNET, the Vancouver Sun, and many more. They publish articles using visual methods like data visualization, infographics, best forex broker reccomendations and charts. It is one of the fastest-growing online publishers that focuses on both finance and technology.


It is owned by Bernard Lunn, who is the CEO as well as the editor and also an occasional writer. They are global leaders in the fintech market that work on how a billion-dollar value is created. It is written by an invite-only group that brings about the properties of bankers, senior executives, investors, regulators, and consultants. Daily fintech advisers are the commercial part of their business. He orients the strategy level and makes the right deals happen.


Steve Ellis is the founder of Finnextra. Its headquarters are in London, the United Kingdoms. It is available for both Personal computers as well as mobiles. It acts as a financial community spread worldwide that provides information as an independent source. It provides users’ or beginners’ online blogs to help to understand the fintech world better. It writes blogs related to tv programs, matters related to wholesale, banking, the capital market, and insurance.


It is a global multimedia media news outlet. It is the world’s first leading fintech newspaper. It was established in 2016. This industry is also about inventors and visionaries and everyday people creating something new.

Their headquarters include Jason Williams, Mark Walker, Gina Clarke, Claire Woffenden, Chris Swales, and many more. People who attend their events and read their blogs get great help in the fintech world.

It isn’t just a business sector, it’s numerous sectors on one platform. It’s about new companies also. They are one of the brightest and best news media platforms that shares information about future financial services.


PYMNTS was founded in 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. It is an independent online media. They work on economics, data scientists, and data analysts. They work with companies to quantify and measure the innovative side of the industry. They specialize in financial services, banking, checking, compliance, NFC, P2P, payments, and social networking. They also help start a conversation between colleagues and their partners about how innovations are paving the way for the future of our connected worlds and they are good as well as bad impacts. They work on a principle of what’s next. Their principle helps them expand and stay focused on a connected economy.


Review 5 trending fintech blog ideas.

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