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What is blog and why I should start a blog | TechCrunchPro

What is blog and why I should start a blog | TechCrunchPro

What is blog  ?

Many people ask this question that what is blog.? So blog is a source to share your knowledge with peoples and not only knowledge but photos,videos and much more.It is very easy to start a new blog and sharing your knowledge but before getting started you need to choose platform for creating a blog.There is 2 major platform " WordPress and Blogger".You can check difference between WordPress and blogger.Actually I am using Blogger at this time and may be I will transfer it to WordPress in future.

Why I Should Make A blog.?

So after knowing that what is blog now question is that why you should make a blog.So answer could be different in every situation.I have separated it in points so you will be able you to understand easily.
You can:

  • Create a personal blog and share your life moments with peoples.
  • Share your knowledge with peoples and help them.
  • Earn money from a blog,Yes You can earn a lot of money from a blog but there are some terms and conditions to make money.You can check here that how to earn money from a blog.But i want to tell you the top to source which top blogger are using to earn money from a blog.

Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. Wikipedia
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a source of promoting others product and you can earn a commission from it.Amazon is a big source to earn money from affiliate marketing.
You can also sell your own products and earn money from them but you can do this if can deliver your products any where because you know when someone will buy your product you have to deliver it to his/her address.

How to start a blog.

in order to start a blog you need somethings:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting

What is domain name ?

Your visitor can reach to your blog by entering domain name in search bar for example my domain name is have to choose your domain name related to your topic.


Hosting is storage for your website.For example you upload photos,videos or other files on your blog then you need storage for that.Web hosting provide this storage.There are many companies providing web hosting but i personally recommend you namecheap.I have use it and there service is outstanding especially customer care
Note:As I have already told you that you do not need to purchase web hosting if you are using blogger.Just buy a domain name related to your blog and start writing.
I am going to start full course of blogging so subscribe me by email so your will never miss any post about blogging.

Stay learning and earning ! God bless you.

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