10 Best Desktop Monitors for Any Type of Business in 2021

Investing in a top-notch monitor will enhance your computer-using experience. It will transform your space and make the office a great workstation. But then, finding the right desktop monitor to invest in can be a daunting task, especially if you’re getting into business and would like to equip your office.

There’s a massive selection of monitors available online. However, while most perform decently, there’s no single monitor that works for everyone. That makes it vital to research and find one that meets your needs.

1. Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

If you’re into video and photo editing, then the Dell UltraSharp UP3218K should be an excellent pick for you. This monitor delivers fantastic 4K clarity and exceptional color accuracy, perfect for business and office work. It comes with multiple ports such as the USB-C, HDMI, and USB 3.0 ports.

You also get a 3-year warranty after purchasing this monitor. The stand is adjustable, allowing you to set it to the desired height to avoid straining and fatigue when typing.

What makes this monitor for photo editing stand out is what makes this monitor for photo editing stand out is that it gives more attention to details making texts and images sharper than with most desktop computers in the market.

2. ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV

You should pick this monitor if you’re working on a tight budget. It has a great design that will add some beauty to your desk.

This monitor’s screen is 27″ wide with a 2560×1440 resolution and excellent color accuracy. Its response time is perfect and will be relatively easy to handle and work with for your business.

It also comes with a significant number of USB ports that enhance compatibility with different devices. It also has excellent audio, thanks to its powerful pair of integrated speakers. You can also use external speakers to listen to audio clips and watch videos relating to your business.

3. BenQ PD3200U

This desktop monitor is an excellent pick for design professionals. It comes with a great range of features and a decent price tag. Its color accuracy is one of the notable features that make it worth considering.

The 32″ screen that it comes with also has a 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. The overall design of the BenQ PD3200U is appealing to the eye. You will find it suitable if you have a massive desk that will accommodate it perfectly.

It comes with a professional calibration making it perfect for business. It’s also worth considering if you work with programs such as CAD.

4. Dell U3818DW

If you love ultrawide screens, the Dell U3818DW will be worth investing in this year. It looks great on any desk and is curved with a 4K 3840×1600 resolution.

It also comes with additional advanced features such as the integrated KVM switch. This feature makes it effortless to operate two computers using the same peripherals.

It also has excellent color accuracy and will make video and photo viewing easy. If you create textual content, the high resolution will enhance the text’s readability. If you want to optimize a vast workflow, then the Dell U3818DW monitor is the best choice.

5. Gigabyte M27Q

One of the best monitors for business is the Gigabyte M27Q, especially for content creators. You can easily separate the 27″ screen and work on different windows simultaneously.

Besides, it features an excellent 1440p resolution that’s perfect for viewing and working on images, videos, or texts.

You can use it ideally, even in the brightest room, thanks to its impressive screen. The design is also fantastic and perfect for any office or business space. It also comes with a range of USB ports that make it easy to connect with devices and transfer data to and from them.

6. Asus MB169B+

Buying a monitor is not always about considering the screen. Other factors such as the stand and cables matter when choosing one.

The best thing about the Asus MB169B+ is its portability. It has a 15.6-inch screen, almost like a laptop but smaller than most desktops on this list.

It is USB-powered and comes with several USB ports that make it suitable for business use. The stand is adjustable, making it easy to configure it to your desired height. It also features a protective sleeve that makes it easy to carry with you when your team wants to work remotely.

7. BenQ GW2270H


This monitor has an excellent resolution that’s entirely HD for a good viewing experience. It connects with an HDMI cable to other devices and transfers quality images and audio. The design is fantastic, and you can be sure that it will not look bad on your desk.

There’re also lots of other standout features that you will get with this monitor. For instance, it has the PWM technology, which reduces power loss in switching devices.

It comes with three ports and an adjustable stand that will give your office desk an expensive feel while making it decorative.

8. Acer V276HL



A large screen is a vital feature for any business desktop monitor. It feels great to work on programs such as spreadsheets on a large screen and separating them to work on multiple windows simultaneously. Besides that, this monitor comes with other great features such as a 3-year warranty.

It comes with an adjustable stand that makes it easy to configure to a desirable height. The resolution is excellent, and its price is tempting.

It comes with three ports that make it easy to attach different devices to it. The downside is that it doesn’t come with integrated speakers.

9. LG 25UM58-P

This 25-inch desktop monitor is an excellent pick for business and general office use. Nowadays, professionals choose wide screens more than high options because they make work easy.

If you’re a designer or any creative professional, you need a monitor with an excellent resolution, and the LG 25UM58-P doesn’t disappoint.

It also has excellent color production and delivers the accuracy that you desire. It has two HDMI ports, making it easy to connect with other devices. Another great feature is its meager price that has made wide desktop monitors mainstream in today’s business environment.

10. HP EliteDisplay S14

This portable desktop monitor is a perfect pick for the office. It comes with a unique and appealing design that makes it suitable to work with even remotely. It features a cover that also doubles as a stand making it sturdier and easy to use as you can adjust it.

It is lightweight and has an outstanding performance both in color and resolution. There’re USB ports and a USB-C cable delivered with the package.

You can work efficiently on the screen by separating it into and working on either window quickly. The best thing about it is the kind of performance it delivers, making it perfect for use.


Various factors matter when choosing desktop monitors for your office. The size, color accuracy, resolution, response time, and many other factors matter here.

Before you pick a desktop monitor, the first thing to do is testing it to confirm that it fits your needs, such as web browsing and watching videos.

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